Sellers & Realtors

Spending too much time with your client during the selling/buying process?

Let DANNY INSPECTIONS free up that time.

You take of the listings and we’ll take care of your clients.

We’ll guide your client through the home inspection process

• Pointing out its flaws, also showing them how to operate the key systems of the home
• How to shut off valves, how to adjust the water heater
• How to change furnace air filters
• All from the buyer’s and real estate professional perspective,and then help you package the deal for closing.

No more realtor questions about….

• Scheduling inspections
• Will this house pass inspection
• Will I lose my commission
• Finding a contractor
• Can I trust the home inspector
• will this house sell


• 203k consulting (streamline or full 203k) and inspections
• Mold, Asbestos, Radon, and Thermal Imaging inspections
• 400.00 IN service value to your customers…LIKE
• RECALL CHEK, Home Warranties, Energy Audits and more…
• $50.00 cash back to customers for reviews.
• 19 years of Carpentry and general Contracting experience.
• Lifetime consultation FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR HOME.

We have a full team of inspectors, renovation consultants, and office staff ready to support your project and all of your needs.
Contact Danny Inspections today! and let us put valuable time back in your schedule.

Attention Sellers and Realtors: We Can Help the Home to Literally Sell Itself.

Selling your home can make you feel like you’re living in a fishbowl, with potential buyers and real estate agents evaluating, judging and otherwise picking apart the place you’ve called home for years. Just before the actual sale comes the most intense scrutiny of all: the home inspection.

A pre-sale home inspection is pretty much a given in home sales today, and on occasion it can actually make or break the transaction. A home inspection ensures that the buyer knows exactly what they’re buying, and if the seller hasn’t done the preparation that enables full disclosure and prevents surprises, it can be a nerve-wracking experience.
Having your home inspected before you list it provides you with valuable knowledge and gives you the advantage throughout the selling process. We offer 2 options to put you in control: Pre-listing Inspections and Pre-listing Consultations.

Pre-listing Inspections
Price based on square-footage, our Pre-listing Inspections include a 120-day limited warranty, protecting the homeowner against mechanical and structural systems.
But use our report package as a marketing tool*, and enjoy the additional benefits:

Benefits to Seller:
-This alerts you to any unforeseen issues and gives you time to correct them prior to showing. This also allows you to get repairs or estimates on your timeline, not within 48 hours of closing.
-allows you to fine-tune your price point, if necessary.
-you can proceed to the listing phase with peace of mind, documented full disclosure and confidence in your asking price.

Benefits to Buyer:
• Potential buyers can see that it has already been professionally inspected, and ready to sell.

• The report could encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency

* Copies of the inspection report, receipts for any repairs and any pertinent estimates should be made available to potential buyers, all at homeowner discretion.

Pre-listing Consultations
Our consultations will provide you with every benefit the full inspection does, minus the written report, warranty and RecallChek. We will walk you through a very detailed inspection, discussing all of the issues and possible defects along the way. It takes less time (approximately 1 hour) and it’s less expensive ($199), yet it still provides you with that critical and valuable insight into the current condition of your home.

Both options offer you the opportunity to see your home through the eyes of a certified professional. Avoid last-minute surprises.

Get your home inspected before you list it and put yourself ahead of the game.