New Home Inspection

30% of New Homes Have Mold

30% of New Homes Have Mold

Whether your home is new or old………You need an Inspection

Many home buyers are of the opinion “I can bypass the inspection process because I am buying a new home” Not so fast! A new home is just as likely to have defects as an older home, either structurally or mechanically.

New Home Inspections —- Buyer beware

So the materials are new, the structure is new, The paint is beautiful, the heating and cooling system have all the bells and whistles – and you have been told the shingles on the roof should last 15 – 20 years, Ever heard the old adage “ Paint makes it what it ain’t”? In many circumstances the elegant, fresh veneer of a new home can be misleading. In fact the function and quality of structural and mechanical components fall by the wayside.
New home buyers are advised to unquestionably seek the services of an independent home inspector before they sign papers on a new home. The media has been unforgiving in the last few years in exposing poorly engineered home. Bad new home construction coupled with the occasional mistakes made by the construction industry, shortcuts, can sometimes lead to costly lessons and repairs.

Potential Problems in New Home

A professional, independent home inspector will conduct the same thorough home inspection for a new home as he would with any other home. The structural components, such as joist, rafters, beams, and exposed supports are examined for integrity. The attic space should show no sign of water penetration and all structural components should be without defects’.
Other items the inspector will examine include exterior components such as window, frame and doors, interior components such as switches and plugs, balusters, trim, heating and cooling for every room The automatic door mechanism will be checked for its safety features.
Services for plumbing and electrical inspection. The new electrical system and plumbing system and key mechanical components will be inspected.
We also do Foreclosure Inspections………