Danny’s Asbestos Inspection

The very word asbestos has taken on negative connotations because of the substance’s link to serious health problems. However, asbestos is not a health hazard until the material that contains it is disturbed. For this reason, asbestos becomes a concern when demolition and renovation are under way.

Asbestos containing materials have been used in the construction industry and the automotive industry.

About Asbestos

Asbestos, a health hazard that can cause lung cancer, is present in many homes, offices and schools. An estimated 20,000 people will die each year for the next 30 years from asbestos exposure. Danny Inspections uses; PRO-LAB utilizes Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM), identifying asbestos fibers to as little as 1% content by weight and is more sensitive than EPA guidelines.

The danger is that inhalation of asbestos can happen without knowledge and the health hazards can accumulate latently over the period of decades. Often serious medical conditions do not appear until all the damage has been done.

Asbestos containing materials are only considered dangerous when they contain what is referred to as “friable” asbestos and are disturbed. Friable asbestos are those fibers that can be disturbed. There are many substances that contain asbestos, but are not considered a danger because of the stability of the material. For example some types of house siding contain asbestos. Such materials should be identified and left in their non-friable state.

Not only are ACMs a concern for residential and commercial properties, but many types of asbestos containing materials have also been found in schools.

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