About Us


Hello my name is Dan C. Morgan and I am the owner and operator of Danny Inspections.

In 1997 my family stumbled upon two dilapidated buildings. I didn’t know it at the time but those two buildings would change my life. After looking over the two properties with very little construction experience, there was little doubt that we were in over our head.  “I have never seen buildings in such deplorable conditions on the inside in my life. However, the buildings were beautiful grey stones. Our family, stubbornly optimist with visions of property ownership, acquired the properties.

From do-it yourself to a Professional

After acquiring the two properties, we could not find qualified individuals to help us rehab the two structures. I would leave my credit card consultant business daily, just to go by to inspect the properties and to analyze the scope of work. During these activities, I became more and more determined to pull off the impossible (I was going to rehab the property myself).

I have always been fascinated with the construction industry and the acquisition of the two properties increased this fascination. I researched every aspect of the construction industry relating to residential properties and all of their systems and components. I began to pull off the impossible, I did it! (I completed the rehabilitation project) I was hooked. I received my carpentry journeyman card in 2005; I then paired those skillsets to the skillsets of my previous professions to bring (in my opinion), the very best residential and light commercial inspection services to the Chicagoland area.

Professional licenses and certifications since 1997

  • President and Owner Dan Morgan General Contractor Inc.
  • President and owner Danny Inspections
  • Journeyman Carpenter Local 13
  • State Certified Vocational Education Instructor
  • Illinois State Board of Education, Chicago Public Schools
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • General Contractor-License #TGC039201
  • Illinois State certified inspector-License # 450.011128
  • HUD certified 203(k)Housing Consultant/Inspector-License # A1027
  • OSHA certified instructor (10-hour)- License # 3600326245
  • Bachelor of Science-Individualized Curriculum (Education Minor)
  • CHA Vendor
  • Co-founder Look-At-Us
    • At-Risk Youth Program (Vocational & Educational trainer)



Midwest credit and construction

Personal rehabilitation of over 15 apartment units and their infrastructure: installation of 75,000-175,000 BTU forced air furnace, 4-5 ton air conditioning units and ventilation line along with digital temperature controls, drain, waste and vent lines along with ¾- 1 inch water supply lines; beam and joist replacement; porch construction; and, installation of 100-200 Amperes electrical services; standard and custom doors, windows, flooring, and wall installation.

Provided building maintenance for Woolen and Levin Realty Company for four buildings with over 200 units performing duties such as: riser replacement, electric, radiant and forced air heating troubleshooting and infrastructure maintenance with electric and plumbing systems, ground, vestibule, masonry, and back porches all within established city, state and Federal housing codes.

Provided high-quality craftsmanship to over 300 clients, serving their renovation needs.


Prior to 1997


United States Air force

Implemented orders that were assigned to me as a crew chief for the C-130 power plant in accordance with technical orders of the U.S. Air Force for the maintenance of C-130 aircraft.


Created Morgan Insurance Agency, analyzing a client’s total account, finding their financial vulnerabilities.  Total account analysis included auto, homeowners, life insurance and a wide range of financial services.

American fair credit association (AFCA) 

Purchased national Visa card franchise.  Established and re-established over 3000 clients credit worthiness.