Are you spending too much time with your borrowers during a renovation loan?

Let DANNY INSPECTIONS free up that time!

You take care of the mortgage and we’ll take care of the renovation.

We will work with your borrower from the initial renovation inspection to the completion of the project and then we’ll send them back to you for refinancing options!


No more borrower questions about…

• Scheduled inspections
• Renovation reports
• FHA required work
• Finding a contractor
• The renovation process


• Online scheduling for the 203k inspection
• 5 day turn time on initial/feasibility report
• Reports that identifies both FHA requirements & desired wish list items
• Bid on Repairs form developed for general contractor estimates
• An online advertising network of 203k contractors
• Final 203k plan revisions within 48 hours
• Lender email at project completion to engage borrower in refi options


We have a full team of renovation consultants and office staff ready to support all your projects.

Contact Danny Inspections today and let us put valuable time back in your schedule!